Before the moment you were formed in your mother's womb, before you even became an idea in your parents' thoughts, to the very moment your web browser loaded onto this web page. You were destined for a purpose! You were created with much thought, while your life was carefully mapped out. Pains and gains you were wonderfully and fearfully made beautiful by God! 

That's enough, no? Just to know the same God who spoke into existence something as magnificent as a blooming flower also carefully and thoughtfully crafted you.  

But I’d be going against everything that I stand for if I didn’t keep it real with you #rawanduncut I fall short every single day! Like girl FLAWED and I swear this mind of mine lethal like a loaded nine. It's like a repetitive cycle, I’m good, I’m good then boom! I fall. The constant reminders to myself that God is enough, and though I am flawed, I am still enough! 

But it’s like every so often I run to the world in search of approval and/or acceptance because it seems as though the mirrors I find myself looking into have gone rouge, flipping the script and playing mind games with my emotions. I spend countless hours on social media, competing, comparing and complaining now look, a girl yet again bitter, insecure… one message from the ex, “What’s up? ...It’s Depression.” 

I’ve fallen into the stigma of desiring to have it all, wanting to portray that “perfect” image. Like why is it that it’s so much easier to get my feelings hurt by a man than it is to find a solid female to confine in? So often I fail to remember that life is not a competition, TO EACH HER OWN SEASON. Why envy over the few flowers that bloom in another woman’s back yard, when for all you know God could have a garden, a waterfall, and a patio planned for yours? 

My dream is to empower women to start standing together and understand that there is beauty in what we may see as "imperfection." Life was not designed to be easy, none of us are perfect, but it can be a little easier if we have like-minded, REAL individuals, to walk and tackle it with. I am here to remind you that you are not alone, sis. 

"imperfections" or not, YOU ARE ENOUGH! 

More than qualified actually. 

So let’s walk. 

Welcome To My Deepest Thoughts... 


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